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Christmas 2008

Ok, we got the official word back from corporate. We are going to keep playing all Christmas Carols non-stop throughout November and December.

Why this bugs me:

1 - November 1st is when they started playing it. There wasn't even a mix of them - with a few every hour or so, to start reminding people that Thanksgiving and Christmas was on the way now that we're done with Halloween.

2- ALL my customers see through this dumb scheme as "trying to get people to buy stuff" despite the economy. So I get to hear them bitch at me, "Don't I know the economy is bad, and if I think the carols are gonna make them buy expensive items, I've got another think coming." I tell them that if I were allowed to change the station, I would, so thanks for coming but GTFO.

3- Thanksgiving. It's actually one of the more significant holidays in America. Let's have that first, please.

4 - I hate Christmas, and the carols get stuck in my head and irritate me more, so it's like going to hell when going to work - a rather hostile environment and that makes me cranky to customers.

5 - People who "update" the carols with R&B/Rap need to stop. They sound terrible. "The Little Rapper Boy" just does not give off the right vibes.