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F@#K you tamales!!

I posted this over in my own journal, but I thought I would share with everyone.

So far, this has not been a great holiday for me. The day started out fine and I was getting excited for Christmas tomorrow. Of course everything went down hill after dinner when my brother and his girlfriend got into a fight about tamales. Yes, you heard me right. OVER F@#KING TAMALES!!! Normally this would not be a big deal except that my brother's girlfriend went to her mother's house and probably took the kids with her, and I have no idea where my brother is either. Now I feel depressed because I was looking forward to seeing the kids open their gifts tomorrow and I have no idea if and when they will be back. If I could kick my brother out of the house for being an asshole I would (because his girlfriend is more pleasant to be around) but can't since he is family. My dad kind of ruined Christmas for me by give me my new printer and computer early. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he got me the computer (an Apple computer too!) and I knew he was getting it for me anyway, but I was hoping he would wait one more day before giving it to me. Now I have nothing to look forward to tomorrow except spending time with my mom, using my new computer, and breathing. The thing is, I have gotten use to my brother's family staying with us (which has been more than 6 months). If they were to move away it would just be me and my mom again in a house too big for only two people, and as much as my brother's family kind of annoys me I would be a little lonely if they were to leave (that is of course until I eventually get use to just me and my mom again).

This post will end with a =(