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You know, the "Christmas Sprit" and the "Joyful, Happy Holidays" are something to live by.

You, you shriveled old bitch, should take a lesson. Do NOT shove you page of ads from the newspaper in the poor worker's face so that she jerks back and trips over her very large pile of boxes of stuff to put out.

And then keep bitching about how nobody helps you anymore, and you're old and you deserve more help, and if you ever say 'well, you're no fucking help', and walk away while the poor woman was getting to her knees...

I hope you get coal and constipation, you old hag.

Also - I understand that my checkstand gentleman was probably frazzled beyond belief - but seriously, when I greeted him with a smile and please and thank and how are you? I would have liked to get more than a blank stare with a mild look of hatred. I work retail too - I know how it is. I loved the people who were calm and sweet and nice.