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Bah f_ing humbug!

Because Scrooge was right!

Bah f'ing humbug
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We are a meeting place to dfiscuss the frustrations, depression and hatred of the Christmas season.
Welcome to a community for those of us who can't stand the period beginning before Thanksgiving and after New Year's. Can't stand Christmas music? Dread shopping? Hate having to buy gifts? Hate RECEIVING them? An atheist who feels put upon? Religious and hate the commercialism? Just hate being jolly? Believe Santa is pushy? Can't sing carols worth a hoot? Ready to kill if you hear one more pa-rum-pa-pa-pum? Want to punch Rudolph in his shiny red nose? We're here for you. Feel free to post your dislikes, hatreds, and other fears and problems with the holidays here. It's good to vent.

The one rule: Civility. Anyone treating anyone else with a lack of respect will be told to leave. I believe we can disagree and still be friends. No one is entirely right, or wrong.